Operational business consultancy firm specialized in the management of agro-food industrial projects development, temporary coaching of enterprises and ground marketing assistance on export markets in emerging African, Indian and Asian markets.
I2CP and its network of expert partners are specialized in operational turn-key industrial and commercial export solutions fully adapted to its clients’ requirement:

  • Management of complex international industrial development projects.
  • Temporary management of companies in order to accompany their restructuration and coordinate their immediate repositioning on strategic and profitable international markets.
  • Identification of industrial and/or commercial opportunities in emerging countries.
  • Ground commercial representation during international food fairs.
  • Coordination of technological transfers.
  • Identification and selection of international suppliers and setting-up of trustworthy, competitive and sustainable supply chains.

As well as any fully operational strategic consultancy, technological, marketing and financial back-up to insure the sustainable and profitable success of any industrial development.

I2CP policy is excellence, innovative, pragmatic, cost effective, sustainable and operational approach of its clients’requirement.